Soccer and 5-a-side field

Soccer and 5-a-side field

Soccer five field with red and black enclosures and synthetic grass
Competition Competition
Entrainement Training
Scolaire School


Technical description : 

  • Indoor or outdoor soccer field, either independant or twinned
  • 3 x 2 m goals in white plastic-coated galvanized steel, Ø 80 mm tubes with Ø 50 mm arches
  • Ø 5 mm mesh net with damper net
  • Ø 50 mm strut for outdoor soccer fields and sling system for indoor fields
  • 80 x 80 mm enclosure posts in plastic-coated galvanized steel
  • Plastic-coated galvanized steel automatic return gate with welded mesh infill 1,20 m width or bars infill 1,50 m width. Possibility to put double doors 3 m width

Posts types : 

  • Corner posts up to 5 m above ground
  • Line posts of 1m and 5,90 m above ground with foodlights support

Panel types : 

  • Bottom infill in Monowall type sandwich panel 1 m height
  • Upper section enclosure infill with net up to 4 m (total hight of 4 m height nets and 1 m height palissade)

Fastening : 

  • Floor mouting in direct sealing or on base plate

Safety net on the pediment, the palissade and the roof : 

  • Net mesh from 100 to 120 mm, wire diameter from 2,3 to 4 mm
  • "Star" type net attachment system on the handrail (aluminium profile)


  • Protection foam for the intermediate, corner posts and the struts
  • Integrated storage box for the pitch
  • Color + on demand including more than 20 colours to choose from (no extra charge)

Product benefits

+ Custom-made

+ Wide range of personalization options

Compliance with the Code of Sport and the FFF standards