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Metalu-plast is a French company founded in 1980 in Normandy, specialized  in the design, manufacture and marketing of sports equipment for professionals.


Leading French manufacturer of sports equipment and sport fencing, Metalu-plast accounts nearly 11,000 m² of space on two production sites in Soliers and Potigny, near Caen, and 3,000 m² warehouse of finished products.

Metalu-Plast offers a wide range of equipments for different sports: Football, Badminton, Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Tennis, Mini Tennis, Volleyball, Hockey, Golf ... The company also manufactures multi-sports pitch and equip the biggest and most well-known stadiums in France with its products. In addition, a wide range of sports nets is also available. Metalu Plast Building view 2

The sport enclosure is also part of its core business: ball stop, nets, hand rails and installation accessories are custom made.

  • Our expertise:

Metalu-Plast is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of sports fencing, sports equipment and multi-sport pitch in steel, aluminum that can be rough, galvanized and/or plastic-coated

  • Our offer:

Metalu-Plast offers a wide and complete range of sports equipment for the following sports: football, badminton, basketball, handball, rugby, tennis, volleyball, beach sports, hockey, golf.

Products lineFor the supply of sports enclosure Metalu-Plast manufactures handrails (with or without filling), Ball stop posts and offers custom made nets together with installation accessories.

We also distribute a wide range of net.

Standard products can be in stock, others are made to order, or made to measure on request.

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  • Our services :

Because producing sports equipment is not sufficient to meet the expectations of its customers, Metalu-Plast puts at the heart of its priorities, the quality of service provided to the customer: a close commercial relationship, respect of delivery time, monitoring transport and delivery, marketing tools tailored ...

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  • Our customers :

Metalu-Plast is a company to serve professional: merchants, web sellers, fence installers, landscape company in the construction industry and public works.

Earth and 3D manBecause Metalu-plast is on the market for sports equipment for over 30 years, the company is known and recognized throughout the country as the French No. 1. Recently, Metalu-Plast has also grown outside its borders and offers its wide range of product abroad.

  • Our suppliers /partners:

To provide quality product ranges, Metalu-Plast works in partnership with hundreds of suppliers. All are selected on the basis of different criteria: the quality of their products, environmental commitment, their respect of delivery, their service. Surround ourselves with trusted suppliers allows us to produce quality, on time, and for the long term ...

  • What Metalu-Plast does not do:

Metalu-Plast has chosen, to build and support a network of professional players,  real partners to promote and install its products. Pursuing the same strategy since its inception Metalu-plast does not install the products it manufactures.


  • CEO : Jean-Claude BEHR
  • Purchasing, production and logistics teams : 65 employees on  2 production sites
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worker paintingworker weldingmachine to the shippingworker quality check-up

  • Research and development :
    • Upgrade of the existing product range
    • Innovation of Metalu-Plast’s product.
    • Creation or product research for our customer 

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  • Sales team:
    • A sales team on the ground, that meet, listen, and advice the customers.
    • A sedentary sales team maintain continuous and personalized contact with the customers: Quote answer, advice, monitoring order and transport.
    • A global presence

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  • The administrative team:
    • Administrative management
    • Accounting and human resources
  • The "support" :
    • Computer & Telephony
    • Marketing & communication
    • Health & Safety



Metalu-Plast teams:

Metalu-Plast strength : stable teams who know their business, developing their skills, and accompanying on a long-term our customers.

  • 65 employees in total
  • 9.7 years of average seniority
  • 39 years average age
  • Recruitment in recent years have been for new creation jobs.

Annual consumption in 2014:

raw material factoryMetalu-Plast mainly use aluminum and galvanized steel for the manufacture of its products. The distribution of its consumption is as follows:

  • 1600 tonnes of Sendzimir steel
  • 300 tonnes of black steel
  • 400 tonnes of aluminum
  • 27 tonnes of powder paint
  • 75 tonnes of packaging


Man presenting a graphical

Key production numbers for 2014:

  • 17000 posts and goals
  • 2000 other sports products
  • 70 km of ball stop
  • 40 km of handrail
  • 150 multi-sports pitches
  • 35 000 nets sold



The production tools :

  • 11 000 m² of production site
  • 3 600 m² of finished product warehouses
  • 500 m² office services
  • 6 debit centers including one automatic,A production tool
  • 20 steel or aluminium welding bays,
  • Several drilling centers,
  • Several bending machines and rolling mill for every diameter,
  • 3 shoot blasting machines
  • 2 spray booths,
  • 2 ovens,
  • 1 conveyor 100 meters long and 6 bridge cranes,
  • 1 conveyor  90 meters long et 3 bridge cranes,
  • 2 packaging center equipped with packaging wrappers,
  • 1 ball stop netting workshop, 
  • 9 loading / unloading bays