Indoor- Competition - Mobile

Basketball mobile goal 2.25 m and 3.25 m

Fixe or adjustable height

Mobile basketball 2.25 or 3.25 m  - height 2.60 or 3.05 m
Product references : BB131040 & BB131050
Competition Competition
Entrainement Training
Scolaire School


The mobile basketball range, overhang 2.25 m and 3.25 m, for competition consists in 4 products references :

  • Overhang 2.25 m, fixe head height 3.05m. Ref.BB131040-FIXE
  • Overhang 2.25 m, combined head, height 2.60 or 3.05 m. Ref.BB131040-COMB
  • Overhang 3.25 m, fixe head height 3.05m. Ref.BB131050-FIXE
  • Overhang 3.25 m, combined head, height 2.60 or 3.05 m. Ref.BB131050-COMB

Range specifications (sold by unit) :

Material Steel
Diameter Mast 140 x 140 mm
Surface  treatment Plastic-coated Galvanisazed
Hoop height 2.60 or 3.05 M
Board Rectangular polyester
Head Fixe or adjustable
Overhang 2.25 or 3.25 m
Hoop  Regulatory reinforced
Net Ø 5 mm
Protective foam Foam in the front on on sides
Attachment  A ground attachment with 4 expansion bolts
Installation Jack and hydraulic hand pump, adjustable feet
Movement 4 rollers

Please consult us for more details about basketball goals, rings and nets, and all our range of sports equipments.



Additional products

  • Methacrylate boards 1,800 x 1,050 x 15 mm. Ref. BB031040-OP10-U.
  • Tempered glass board 1,800 x 1,050 x 12 m. Ref. BB031040-OP-30-U.
  • Competition hoop with disengagement 105 kg. Ref. BB031040-OP20-U.
  • White net Ø 6 mm - Ref. 112B0003.
  • Protection: screw-on foam panel protector.Ref. BB031125.
  • Set of 4 counterweights for 1 basket with overhang 2.25 m.Ref. BB031040-0P01-U.
  • Set of 6 counterweights for 1 basket with overhang 3.25 m.Ref. BB031040-0P02-U.


Product benefits

  • Easy to install  : Easy and quick unfolding of the goal thanks to a pump actionable by one person only (less than a minute)
  • Easy installation of anchors, without damaging the gorund
  • A huge rigidity in play position
  • Goal weight distribution on 8 support in play position


important Informations

Each goals should be weighted : 4 concrete studs for the overhang 2.25 m and 6 concrete suds for the overhang  3.25 m



Conforms to norms NF EN 1270 and with the Sport code