Foot-hand-basketball goals

Grande Delle, the Savary and the Combi multi-sports goals

Multi-sports goal for foot, hand, basketball practice, free access


These facilities have an attractive, sturdy, modular construction. They are great places to meet friends and perfect for local and school sports events and recreation.

The goals and pediments come in all shapes and sizes, from the football/handball/basketball goal right up to the 11,4 meters pediments. The models vary depending on the goal type (fence or net) and te installation (sleeve installation or on mounting plates) choosen.


Foot-Hand-Basketball goals specifications :

Dimensions 3 x 2 m
Width 3.20 m
Structure  Plastic-coated Sendzimir steel tube Ø 102 mm.
Assembly  With moulded aluminum connectors
Fill in:
  • Fence : "Grand Parc" model
  • Net : " Belles Portes" model
Screws Tamper-proof screws and noise reduction system
  • Direct sealing
  • On mounting plate
Hoop height 3.05 m or 2.60 m (to be decided during the installation)
Hoop attachment Directly to the frame so no force exerted on the board
Board Polyester 1120 x 775 mm
Overhang 0.60 m
Hoop Reinforced
Net Ø 5 mm

Please consult us for more details about multi-sports goals and all our range of sports equipments.



Product benefits

  • Modular
  • Aesthetic
  • Robuste
Conforms to norm NF EN 15312 and with the Sport code