"Deauville" - Multi-sports pitch

Steel tube multi-sports pitch

Galvanized plastic coated


Metalu-Plast has producted more than a 1000 multi-sports pitch.

Each multi-sports "Deauville" pitch is unique, and is designed depending on : the customer wishs, his aesthetics choice, but also the town planning and environmental constraints...


Details of the standard multi-sports pitch structure :

-Posts of Ø102 mm

-Fences attach to the posts with plasctic-coated aluminum flanges

-2 pediments 3 meters high

-Goal for playing football, handball and basketball

-Side fencing height 1.10 m : posts Ø 102 mm and rails Ø 60 mm

-Colors : 17 RAL as standard colors


The multi-sports pitch structure modularity:

-Modular dimensions: length, width, height

-The eightens: ball-stop (up to 6 meters), rood net

-Modularity for the entrie goal

-Anti-cycle barier

-Basketball goal height adjustment

-100% steel or mixed


Possible multi-sports pitch options:

-Passage PMR (People with Reduced Mobility)

-Brazilian goals


-Additional basketball goal outside the structure

-Benches "sit-stand"

-Cutaway on the pitch corner

-Access gate...


Let us create you multisport pitch, consult us !


Product benefits

  • Modularity
  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Resistant & quality
  • Aesthetism
Conforms to standard NF EN 15312